“Ask Russ” Connecting With People by Russ DeVan

“Do I really need to recruit people to make money in MLM?” ___ Pascal T.  Montreal, Canada

There is a wonderful quote from the famous industrialist John Paul Getty that states” I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 men, than 100% of my own.” No matter how good or capable you are at sales or enrollment you are still limited to what you personally can produce in any given period of time.

However, if you can generate just one $300 sale per week, easily and show 100 others how to do the same, you are now the source of $30,000 a week in volume or production versus $300.

Whether you “have” to recruit people or others may depend on two things: What your intended result is and how long it may take, as well as what “recruiting” means to you.

Personally, I would rather find ten individuals and assist them in building a team of ten to reach 100 (actually 110) than I would attempt to recruit a hundred.

It takes far less time, for one, and is decidedly easier to manage. I have an issue with the idea of “recruiting,” It is my experience that “getting” somebody to do what you want (recruiting) requires much more effort than providing a plan where others can have what they are committed to and in doing so provide you with your goal.

So recruiting is not the answer AND neither is intimidating numbers.

The premise of success in MLM or network marketing lies in creating a doable, duplicatable, effort, and repeatedly teaching it, and teaching others how to teach it.

This is where large volume and success come from.

“Why do some fail and some succeed with the same company, the same products, and the same compensation plan available to all?” __

  G. J. Wales, UK

 I’ve noticed that a common denominator for success in the network marketing model of business can be boiled down to just one thing:  personal responsibility.

Many will sign up and expect to be told exactly what to do, by the company, their sponsor, or even another successful distributor. If what they are told (regardless of whether the advice was properly followed or not) doesn’t work for them, they have someone or something to blame for their lack of success.

A successful leader, a true entrepreneur, doesn’t “do” the comp plan, they know what they are building, and they USE the compensation plan’s parameters to achieve it. They keep and create an empowering vision and enroll others in it.

They KNOW the product is excellent from personal experience, and they have the courage of conviction to back it up.

They immerse themselves in the development of their team instead of competing with or against them for who can sign up the most or the fastest.

They shun the spotlight and put it on others.

They regard the company as a strategic alliance not the deal of the week or an employer.

Ultimately they MUST succeed, as nothing less will be acceptable or aligned with what they are committed to.

“What qualities should I look for in a potential teammate to build an organization and relationship with?”  ___ Russell L.  Gainesville, Florida

Have you looked in a mirror recently? A model for an ideal prospect lives there. So often we look for or talk with people we THINK might be good prospects, only to find that we are wrong. They “HATE MLM!” They don’t “want to sell!” They don’t have “time (or money!”)

 Did you say these things when your sponsor spoke with you? No? Wanna know why? I say it is because you are OPEN; COURAGEOUS, and you just LOVE people! Just an educated guess!

What qualities do you admire? Persistence? Integrity? Ambition? How do you find these qualities?

Pay attention to what people are saying about their family, their job, their circumstances, the world, their LIFE!

When you hear a quality that you share with someone, TELL them! If you notice a quality you admire, point it out and acknowledge it. Then don’t speak. This is not the time to present an idea, an opportunity, or a product.  Be patient.

This is where a CONNECTION begins. In my opinion, everything in life: business, success, love, friendship, opportunity,  relationships, and of course, network marketing, begins with connecting with others. 

—Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan
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