“Ask Russ” – June 200th Issue Anniversary by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

I just graduated from College and have massive loans to pay off. Would it make more sense for me to do something in Network Marketing or go get a conventional job with a company in my field? 

Liam N. ___ Saratoga Springs, NY

What a FABULOUS question, Liam.

Not knowing your area of study and how specialized it is, this is a little tricky to answer. But here’s some good news: Network Marketing, when done correctly, is not “time-intensive” and can provide an income rivaled only by the top incomes in any field.

Assuming you are a millennial, your generation has a distinct advantage with a built-in, learned mastery of social media and the latest technology for contacting and connecting ….

this isn’t  “your Mother’s MLM business” anymore.

If you are passionate about your major and positions are readily available, you could still do BOTH. Doing and learning Network Marketing in place of a job or steady income for survival, however, is NOT something I generally recommend. If you are unsure or a little skittish based on your lack of knowledge or experience, take heart; there is no shortage of amazing leaders who will guide and teach you, and your tuition will be free.

I say investigate the possibilities and make an informed decision that is right for you.

Is it possible to be successful at more than one network marketing company at a time?

B.J. ___ Salt Lake City, Utah

I believe that it depends on how you define success.

There are some people who have been working with the same network marketing company for years and have very little to show for it financially….but what they have gained in terms of close lifelong relationships and personal growth that they may not have had without an MLM culture, has made their journey not only “successful,” but well worthwhile.

That being said, I have a wonderful friend named Robert Butwin, who has been known to be a distributor in four to five diverse companies at the same time and earn a check of more than $20,000 and no less than $5000 in every one of them.

You see, BJ, I don’t believe that Success is found in a company or a system of distribution. It “lives” inside of us and is defined by who and what values we are most committed to.

So I guess the “short” answer: would be: “Yes!”

What is the difference between a “pyramid,” a “Ponzi scheme,” and a Network Marketing Opportunity?

Robert H. ____ San Francisco, CA

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Russ DeVan
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