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Russ DeVan

Why do people seem to “disappear” and/or procrastinate during the summer months or until after the winter holidays…and more importantly, what can I do about it?

JY – Los Angeles, CA

It’s SUMMER! June is a time of Weddings, Graduations, School breaks, and at least in the United States, three national holiday weekends within approximately a 90 -day period of time!

As mid to late November comes around there is Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, and of course, the beginning of a brand new year! Since we have ALL used these excuses to justify our own lack of productivity, it is hard not to at least appreciate or empathize, right?

Here’s what I do. I give up being committed to the on-the-spot enrollment, and instead return to, So, are you open to planning NOW, what you are going to do “after”……? This is particularly effective in the five weeks before New Year. Instead of WAITING to start in January, why don’t we use this time to create a plan/project that you begin on January 1? Similarly, for the summer break: “Since you are basically taking this for personal time and rest, allay your concerns about selling and recruiting and instead, plan for September and spend the summer setting goals, strategies, and conversations with candidates you want to build with, beginning in the Fall? I will assist you!”

Don’t stagnate…strategize!!


What do I do when it seems once a prospect even gets a whiff, or asks “Is this Network Marketing?” the wall goes up and any additional effort seems futile?

Allen  – Austin TX

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Russ DeVan
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