“Asking the Right Questions Will Get the Right Answers” by Jim Britt

Jim BrittThe key to mastering the art of networking is to master the art of asking questions… and listening… in order to arrive at your first destination…and that is, do they have a need that you can fill? Asking the right questions I would refer to as “The Art of Networking.” When you ask your prospect questions, ones that make them think and feel, the answers you receive will be the signs that will carry you to your first destination. The first destination you want to arrive at with your prospect is in three parts? Do they have a problem? If they do, do they have a desire to solve it? Can you help them? That’s the first thing you want to discover. That’s your first destination. In other words, instead of focusing on making the sale or recruiting them, focus on whether there is a need and a desire to solve it in the first place.

When you “listen” to your prospect the correct approach will materialize to you.

 NULL For example, if you hear a single mom saying that she is stressed out because she has to leave her children everyday and therefore can’t give them the quality time they need, of course, an obvious feature for joining your company would be that she could work from home. However, before offering her the opportunity, build some history. Here’s what I mean:

  • Ask what her present work is.
  • Ask if she likes her job.
  • Ask if she has to commute to work everyday.
  • Ask if she feels she is getting paid what she’s worth.
  • Ask her what an ideal job would be.
  • If she says that she would like to work from home then ask her what she would like to do working from home.

The answers she gives to your questions will help her to further discover and to reinforce her real desire to work from home.

Remember, she will always have the answers to what she wants, but she will probably not have a solution. That’s your job once you have arrived at your first destination and that is establishing a need and a desire to change.

Questions encourages them to talk and gives you information. It helps you to uncover problems and to discover if there is a real need and if you have a solution. Questions help you to understand their priorities. What’s important to them? You might say that questions help you to diagnose. Questions also help you to establish your own credibility with your prospect, which should be to help them find a solution to their problem. Questions make your prospect feel that you want to play a key role in helping them to find a solution. Questions help you to paint the right picture in the mind of your prospect. Pictures that are benefit oriented. You get to see the picture yourself by asking the questions and listening to the responses, but more importantly your prospect gets to see it in their mind and to discover they have a need. Questions will help you to “break the ice.” By asking a simple question like, “How are you today?” you can get a response or an opening that can lead to the next question and the process of self discovery. Questions allow you to “plant” your own ideas at the appropriate time. “What if you took this approach? What if you started your own business working from home? Have you ever thought of that?” Questions let you handle their concerns in the form of an answer during the course of the conversation instead of as an objection that needs to be overcome. Questions put you in control, not for manipulation purposes but for the purpose of keeping the conversation on track.

Use the power of asking questions instead of telling people what you know or making statements. Learn to ask questions that will help you to discover what they know about the subject first.

If you feed people solutions before asking questions and arriving at your first destination, you may become the one that owns the problem…and the solution, which will take you nowhere. If you tell someone that your company, your business opportunity will provide them with financial freedom the conversation will probably stop there, because you haven’t yet established a need. On the other hand if you ask them if financial freedom is important to them you can start a conversation that leads to other questions that will establish whether they have a need or not. The key to mastering the art of networking is to master the art of asking questions… and listening… in order to arrive at your first destination…and that is, do they have a need that you can fill? For more information about Jim Britt’s work: www.JimBritt.com www.Facebook.com/JimBrittOnline https://twitter.com/#!/JimBritt1 http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jim-britt/5/810/245


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