Assessing Success Without Borders By David Feinstein

In many careers, people track success in their ability to collect a paycheck. Promotions are another method. It is far easier to track paydays. For those who work at home, having a sense of comfort is vital. Home businesses can be profitable but may cause a bit of distress. This doesn’t have to be. In the next few minutes, you can feel confident about tracking success and rewarding yourself for it.

The Small Steps Towards Freedom

Every business starts small and can grow with the right hand. Goals should be set and tracked in measurable metrics such as sales, leads, email subscriptions. These are easy to track with analytical tools. It will take time to see results from the marketing plan. Patience is needed for this phase. Plan on communicating ideas regularly. The life experiences from other adventures can help in this area.

Be prepared to see failure and examine the event that led to it. Celebrate the moment that you landed that sale. Marketing is not easy, but it does change, and a solid plan needs adjustment from time to time.  Track your growth on social media. Reward yourself for new followers in them. Create material that drives them to stay and become a supporter. Even if you only post a few times a week. Keep an eye out for the performance of the posts. Small steps build up to huge ones.

Build Upon Failure through Confident Success

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David Feinstein
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