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Paul MorrisHow to instantly develop a positive attitude Why do some people succeed in Network Marketing and others fail?   You may run into people who you would never guess would be successful that have made it big in Network Marketing and then you will see others who look real sharp and debonair and they failed at Network Marketing and you are really puzzled and find yourself asking, how come some people succeed and others fail?   The answer is… It’s their Attitude.

You must cultivate a POSITIVE ATTITUDE in Life and Network Marketing or in anything you do.   So the first step toward success is ATTITUDE.

You have most likely heard all sorts of platitudes of Attitudes, but what is attitude? You may have heard people say that person has a bad attitude, or wow that person has a great Attitude.  NULL

Maybe you have heard the expression Attitude determines your altitude; well there is a lot of truth to that statement. I learned that when I was working on my private pilot’s license. My flight instructor was explaining what the gauges on the instruments meant. He said this particular gauge was to indicate the attitude of the plane. It was a round gauge where the top half was white and the bottom half was black, a needle would either float up into the white area or down into the black area.    By now I was thinking, hmmm… I knew people had bad or good attitudes but how can an airplane have an attitude? Well, my instructors answer gave me a whole new perspective on attitude. He said that if the nose of the plane was pointing up the plane was said to have a POSITIVE attitude and the plane would be climbing higher and higher, but if the nose was pointing down the plane was said to have a NEGATIVE attitude and it would be descending. If the attitude was allowed to be too negative the plane would crash.   I had already heard of positive and negative as it relates to electricity but now I had whole new perspective on attitude.    If your attitude was positive you would be climbing and if your attitude was negative you would be descending or maybe even heading for a crash. Well this is really not anything new. Songs have been written about this. One of my old favorites is Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.   Now the most exciting news I can give you is this…

Attitude is a CHOICE.

You can choose to be negative, or you can CHOOSE to be positive. It is entirely up to you!   Henry Ford is famous for his saying, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right!”   I would like to paraphrase it this way…  whether you think you are positive or think you are negative, either way you are right! But let’s follow through and go from thoughts (Your thoughts determine the WORDS you choose to use) to words (The words you choose to use determine your ACTIONS) to actions (Your actions repeated for 30 days create your HABITS) to habits  (Your habits shapes your CHARACTER) to character  (Your character determines your DESTINY) to a NEW YOU.  (You become a NEW YOU) The new POSITIVE you!   Let’s start your journey of personal growth and self development right now. Here are a few very simple things you can do to start becoming more positive over the next 24 hours.

# 1.  Learn to SEE something positive in everything and everyone. Seek and ye shall find, if you LOOK for the POSITIVE you will find it, so learn to SEE something positive in everything! # 2.  Learn to SAY something positive about everything and everyone. # 3.  Learn to be ENTHUSIASTIC.

In my seminar Leaders are Readers and Readers become Leaders you will hear me mention a book titled How I raised myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger. In his book he teaches that to be enthusiastic, you must ACT enthusiastic  You may be thinking well that is easy to say, but HOW do I act enthusiastic? Well here are a few tips on how to act enthusiastic.   To be enthusiastic you must learn to:      Talk 10% louder      Talk 10% faster      Walk 10% faster      Open your eyes 10% wider      Smile 10% wider   Notice something about everyone about which you may give a compliment. E.g.: Sharp looking sport coat, pretty smile, pretty dress, you look great today, I like your hair style, etc.   Better yet, compliment a recent action they just performed… Hey that was a great speech, that was a great report, I am proud of you, I heard you volunteered to coach little league or T-Ball or Soccer€ depending on what season it is.   It is important to begin these exercises as soon as possible as we have been programmed negatively our entire lives.   Psychologists tell us that by the time we reach age 21 that 99% of the population has a poor self image and a resulting negative mental attitude. They also believe that at age 65 after an entire lifetime that ONLY 5% ever learn to have a positive self image.   For a long term permanent change in your attitude here are a few suggestions   Cancel your newspaper. It is all negative. All the bad news is based on human failure. House burns down, Mother and three children burned to a crisp. Car crash 5 people dead on arrival.   Stop watching Television. Just look at what is playing – CSI, Without a Trace, Cold Case and the list goes on. Most TV fills your mind with fear and leads to neurosis, psychosis or in severe cases actual paranoia.    I cut my antenna wire. Today you would have to cut your cable.   Some people say, I only watch the news, you would be better off if you watched everything except the news! The News is negative. Plus it is never what really happened; it is only what they want you to believe happened. (Rent and watch the movie Wag The Dog with Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino).   If you must watch Television then watch The Travel Channel or National Geographic, just don’t watch the documentary on snakes or you may have nightmares. You may be fortunate enough to have a Network that airs scripture studies or lessons pertinent to your particular faith, which would be okay to watch.   Stop hanging around with negative people. They tend to pull you down like crabs in a basket. One crab will crawl out, but if you have two crabs, when one tries to crawl out the other one pulls him back into the basket.

So stop all sources of negative exposure.   Then start flooding your mind with positive.

Surround yourself with positive people. Maybe its time to get rid of a few old negative friends and get ready to get some wealthy new ones. You wouldn’t let a friend come over and dump a bag of garbage onto your carpet in your living room would you? Of course not! Then why do you let friends dump negativity into your mind with gossip, doubt and complaining all the time?   Listen to positive audio CDs or MP3s.   Watch positive DVD or Video sales training and motivational and inspirational seminars.   Let me give you an easy to understand illustration: Take a 16 ounce drinking glass. Place it in the middle of a Pyrex pie dish and fill the 16oz glass with water. Now get a bag of marbles;   Imagine your life a large 16oz glass tumbler that is full of water. Lets imagine that the water in the glass represents all of the negative experiences in your life up until today.   Now take the marbles and every time you listen to a half hour audio training or motivational message drop one marble into the glass of water.  After dropping in the first few marbles you may not even notice anything as the water has surface tension and may even be higher than the edge of the glass but nothing has spilled out yet. It is like the negative tendencies hanging on, you have displaced them but they haven’t left yet.   One chapter of a book equals one marble. One half hour of an audio seminar equals one marble. A training call equals one marble. Listening to a conference call with testimonies equals one marble. Attending a meeting counts as one marble. Recruiting a new distributor
qualifies you to drop in one more marble.   Note that even after a few marbles are dropped in the glass that you may not notice anything because the surface tension of the water causes the water to actually bulge up higher than the edge of the glass.   That is why you may start reading or listening to positive audio seminars and still find yourself thinking negative.   But you listen to another audio and read another chapter and toss in a couple more marbles and finally that additional displacement breaks the surface tension of the water and water starts spilling out of the glass.

I love this example because it is symbolic of the extra effort it takes to break some of our old habits. But the most important thing has started to happen you are displacing NEGATIVE with POSITIVE.

So keep on reading and keep on listening and keep on tossing marbles into the glass, eventually you will find that you have displaced over 50% of the water from the glass which symbolizes that you have correspondingly displaced over 50% of your negative attitude which means that you are now more POSITIVE than negative. You keep on doing this until the glass is full of marbles, but you will notice there is still water in the glass, which indicates that you still have a little bit of negative left.    In future leadership trainings we will share with you a recent discovery on how to erase all negative experiences. We will also give you specific exercises you can do to speed up this whole process of eliminating the negative in your life.   So, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and watch your life change and your business double and triple, because when you change your attitude, YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


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