Attraction Marketing: 5 Steps to Creating Your Brand by April Williams

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April WilliamsTo help you highlight your talents to the world and take massive action so you can be an attraction marketing ROCK STAR!

Attraction marketing is an effective business strategy that allows you to provide value to attract your ideal customer or client. Through this strategy, you can build a community of people who like, know, and trust you. To rock out this strategy you need to build a personal BRAND so your audience can connect with what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Creating a personal brand can feel overwhelming but here are 5 Steps to help you highlight your talents to the world and take massive action so you can be an attraction marketing ROCK STAR!

Step One – Showcase Your Gifts
What makes you, YOU! Write out your gifts, talents and passions. What are your strengths? What makes you unique? Make it fun by enlisting your friends and family to help you, ask them to share their top 1-2 attributes they admire and appreciate about you.

Step Two – Name It and Claim It
Now that you have what drives your passion down on paper the name of your brand can start to take shape. You may be using your personal name or something that highlights your rad personal style. Add a tag line (short description) that provides some insight into your brand and message. Craft it around your personality and style as much as possible.

Step Three – Make It Official
Now that your brand is coming to life, make it official by buying a domain name and setting up your social media accounts for your brand. Create a Facebook fanpage/group for example and include your brand into the about sections of your social media accounts and blog.

Step Four – Going Viral
Be consistent in your messaging and presentation at every turn. Advertisements, marketing materials and videos should all contain images and colors that are consistent. This allows for a clean look that your network will start to connect with your signature style and message allowing YOU to go VIRAL!

Step Five – Marketing Mastery
Now you are ready to take your marketing to a whole new level! Your brand will allow you to build a community of followers that you can connect with, provide value to and build long term relationships with.

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