Attraction Marketing by Randy Steen

Attraction Marketing  by Randy Steen Video & Article

Let me start out by saying something that you may not have thought I would say…..given my 45 plus years in the Network Marketing Profession……but here goes………

”I hate selling!”

…….yep…..there it is and you heard it right from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I know you are thinking, ‘but Randy, you have been in it for all those years………how come you do something you hate?’

Well……let me tell you the rest of the story……….

Here is what I hate about selling. I hate trying to convince people to buy something they in many cases think they do not want or need.  I hate trying to chase people down and then putting pressure on them to make a sale. I do not like any of that part and to be honest, neither do most people who are in this business. But here is what I do like…….

I love to talk to people

………I love to be able to give advice and I am really good listener. These are the things that I recognized were assets that will help me build a successful business….first in my insurance career that ran parallel to my MLM business and was also a success. And here is a secret that I had discovered those many years ago and did not even realize it…………this whole thing that I use in building my business…….the way I prospect is actually referred to now as “Attraction Marketing” or by its other name…”Reverse Marketing”.

So what is this thing called Reverse or Attraction Marketing? 

It’s simple……instead of you chasing down people………and you’re going to love this……..they ask you for more information or come to you to find out what you can offer them!  It’s the most wonderful, low impact and no rejection way of building your business and for that matter….even using it in other aspects of your life like getting to know new people and just making friends.

One of the things I teach is something I heard from my mentor years ago when I started in the insurance business. His name was Mr. Wheeler. One time when I had made many presentations and was failing, he went on a few sales interviews with me and after we were done with the last one……he said……..”Randy, you talk too much. You are talking yourself right out of the sale. And you are trying to sell them what you want to sell rather than what they want to buy!”  I said, “What do you mean?”

The next words out of his mouth stuck with me like glue……..he said……..

”God gave you two ears and one mouth…… should be listening twice as much as you talk. “

“In all the interviews, the clients told you several times what they wanted by the describing the problems they were facing. But you talked right past it.”  Boy did I learn something important. All I had to do was to listen and I could find out the need and simply fill that need and I would get sales.  So I immediately put it to practice and guess what? Yep, you guessed right. I started making sales like crazy and went on to be one of his top sales people.

So you are now thinking, ‘but how does this work in prospecting?’………

It’s simple. All you have to do is to listen to what people are saying where ever you are at. People are always talking about their problems. For example………things like …..not enough money……too many bills…not feeling good……tired all the time……hate the cold winters… needs repairs…….neighborhood is getting bad, etc.

If you listen to what they are saying, you will learn what they need and you can now approach them with a question or statement that will help them fix their problem. And guess what?  They will ask you for more information and you are now on your way to a sale.  For example….when you hear someone complain and when they are finished, you ask a simple question and it goes like this……..

”Would you like to do something about that?” 

They can only answer yes or no………..or they may say….”well, I guess, but what can I do?”  Now the door has opened for you to answer with something simple……..and it would go like this…..”Well, what I do is help people like yourself who are (name the problem they are having), and I work with them and show them how they can fix (again the name the problem). If you ever want to know more about it, I will be more than happy to share it with you.”

You have now just prospected………and in most cases, actually got a new prospect and you did not have to chase anyone down.  This is just one example of Attraction Marketing.  If you will just stop and listen, you will find out that people will actually tell you in the course of conversation what they want. And always remember this……..I learned if from one of my mentors………..

“People hate to be sold……..but they love to buy”

Try this in your business today and you will find it a much simpler and easier way to build your home based business.



Randy Steen


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