“Attraction Marketing” Idiocy. by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

My hilarious friend, Larry, posted this lesson on attraction marketing.

“Just drive about 20 miles over the speed limit all day and you will meet dozens of new prospects in blue. BTW, they all are underpaid and need money.”

Now, I know what you are thinking. “These leads might be very expensive. And, they might not convert well.”

Here is what networkers forget. “It is easier to amuse people than to get them to take action.”

Networkers spend a lot of time amusing people on social media, trying to get an attraction marketing lead.

But will this prospect ever join? Or if this prospect joins, will this prospect take action? Or will this prospect simply spend more time staring at computer screens, duplicating our business model of entertaining random people?

So, is there something wrong with making a connection on social media? No.

A connection is a “live” human being, whether we make that connection in the grocery store, at a networking event, or on Facebook. It doesn’t matter. How we make the initial connection is of minor importance..

Then, what is important?


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