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rod nicholsDevote some time each day, week, and month to becoming attractive and pretty soon people will come from miles around to see what you’re up to.  Everyone seems to be talking about attraction marketing as if it were something new. Top network marketers have used this secret for years.

I remember back in the late 80’s hearing that if you were on fire with enthusiasm, people would come from miles around to watch you burn. Now that’s attraction marketing. The key thing to understand is that attraction marketing isn’t some Internet marketing program, it’s a method of operation.

Whether you are building a business the old fashion way – face-to-face or using all the latest technology on the Internet, you can utilize attraction marketing. I’ve been using it for the last 20 years in network marketing and it’s the reason that today I have total time and financial freedom. In this article I’m going to teach you the secrets to attraction marketing. NULL Secret #1: Make Yourself Attractive People all around you are looking for answers. They are working too many hours, making too little money, and are under tremendous stress. If you are with a legitimate network marketing company, you have the answer. The key is to uncover those struggle areas and then provide them with a solution. Asking questions is the best way to discover what people are struggling with. First, this shows that you are interested in them, which is attractive. Second, when you ride in on your white horse with the solution, you become extremely attractive.

The more often you help others eliminate their struggles, the more you will hear from others with the same struggles.

So, stop presenting your business to people and start uncovering areas of struggle through questions. Once you’ve found the areas that are causing pain, you can present your business as a pain relief and you’ll be amazed at the results. Secret #2: Become an Authority People trust and will listen to authorities. You turn on CNN and listen to political analysts talk about the presidential candidates. You read the newspaper as expert writers tell their stories. You go to seminars, listen to CD’s, watch DVD’s, and read books to discover the secrets to success in life. What you’ve probably never thought about is that there was a time when those people were just like you. How did they become an authority? In order to be an authority, you first need knowledge. The Internet has made it easy to gain knowledge. If you want to be an authority in the network marketing industry, then you must gain knowledge of the industry – history, top companies, compensation plans, difference between legal network marketing (or mlm) and pyramid schemes, successful marketing methods, etc. Invest some time each week to studying the industry. The second step is to make that knowledge known. Again, the Internet makes this easy, as you can quickly publish a web site, blog, and newsletter. You can write articles and submit them to network marketing web sites. You can publish an e-book or self-publish a print book. If you’re not a writer, then hire one to write for you (e-mail me at [email protected]). You can do free teleconferences, webinars, and videos posted on You Tube and other video sites. As people see you all around the Internet, you become an authority and thats attractive. I’ve developed a great attraction marketing system called The 2 percent Plan, which includes an e-book that will help you become an authority. It also includes Internet-based training that will help you get your face on Facebook, a place on MySpace, create a lens on Squidoo, make and upload your videos to You Tube, get your Press Releases seen, and Blog so that it’s everyone’s business. Go to for 7 free reports and more information. Secret #3: Make Friends Attracting people is one thing, but developing loyalty is something completely different. I’ve met many network marketers that I would call “sponsor monsters”. They can personally sponsor hundreds of people every year. Unfortunately, most of these people never develop a long-term residual income, because they don’t develop loyalty. I learned this back in the 90’s when I asked a top income earner how to become a millionaire in network marketing. He said, “Go out to make a million friends and the money will follow.”

Friends, for the most part, are much more loyal than strangers you sponsor. So, the key here is how to turn them from strangers to friends.

If you have any friends, you already know how to do this. First, you have to be a friend to them, which means devoting time to getting to know them. Second, is to serve them. In the case of network marketing, it’s helping them gain the knowledge they need and then walking it out with them. It’s encouraging them along the way. It’s supporting them in every way. If you are loyal to them, they will be loyal to you. There are three of the secrets to becoming more attractive. You can join all the attraction marketing systems you want, but if you aren’t attractive, they won’t work. So, devote some time each day, week, and month to becoming attractive and pretty soon people will come from miles around to see what you’re up to.


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