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Samantha WallAfter having my son in 2009, I knew I didn’t want to go back to work until he was at least in Kindergarten. So like so many of us I started looking online for work from home opportunities and that is when I found my first MLM.

I joined in October of 2009 and started doing what they had told me. Go ask my family and friends to join and or buy. After building a team and working very hard to keep it, I still ended up losing my team. I was also out of family and friends to bother.

At that point I decided to look at myself in the mirror and I asked myself “What did I do wrong?” My answer:

I was not leading my team to success and that is when I started to study personal development, mindset and leadership.  


Then Jan of 2014 my son was right around the corner to starting Kindergarten and I knew I had to bring my business online if I wanted to continue to work from home. So I started searching ways to market online and found other leaders in the industry having huge success. However, I was still struggling with my marketing efforts. Why are these top earners seeing so much success and I am not?

That is when I learned the two most important words “Attractive Marketing”. So back to the books for me. “What is attractive marketing and how does it work?” After studying it I decided to put it to work. Off to my social media outlet I went and sure enough my business just took off from there. I was no longer the hunter I was now the hunted.

At that point I realized if I can do this anyone can. So, I decided to pay it forward and I now teach attractive marketing, personal development and mindset techniques. I believe this industry has the ability to allow all of us the freedom to work when we want and never look at another price tag again.

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