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Kim KlaverIt’s not “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my” as Kim is fearlessly on the leading edge using technology to send and share her truth on how to build a network marketing business that works for you. (and Swag from Kim today!) I made you a little video and want you to see it and see if I described you. In the short video, you’ll hear three confessions of countless of my students. Usually, they whisper when they tell me. If that’s who you are too, you’ll absolutely 100% want to know the “three marketing laws” laid down by Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs in 1997. He had come back to try and revive his beloved Apple, which was near death. You will feel comforted.

Each law he laid down is the exact opposite of what the mlm industry teaches the new recruits.

The opposite. And more in line with the MLM whisperers I refer to. The new Authority program gives a surprising solution, which you’ll get a hint of at the end of the 7 minute video. NULL

Check it out here:

Here’s your ‘Swag Bag’ – Our friend Kim Klaver – if you’re in network marketing or an MLMer you really should know who she is – well, she’s got the #2 MLM app on iTunes and is shooting for #1. The app is called MLM GIANT HEAP

How to build a giant heap. A system for network marketers who want to build their mlm heap with or without their friends, family or neighbors. How-to’s include: Ads, Dear Friend Letter, Postcards, Card Deck, Bump Into’s, Mall Cruising, and more. One-liner responses to pesky questions like: Is this a pyramid? How much do you earn? “Hilarious, practical and straight to the point” says Success Magazine

You want to grab Kim’s app today (see links below)… She’s making a super offer to our friends to help push the app to #1. 
Yes, it’s true, you are a friend with benefits here :-)

 Anyone who gets the Giant Heap app on their iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android for $1.99 gets on the house, either the ebook: SWAG… 1. eBook: “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I can’t Sell It?” OR 2. MP3 Audio: “So You Want To Be a Networker?” Send Kim your receipt – to [email protected] – and tell her your option – the eBook or Audio. You will get the link to the product of their choice pronto.

=>What is “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I can’t Sell It?” Check it out here:   =>What is “So You Want To Be a Networker?” Check it – this is one cut on the Audio:

Give it time to download – maybe even ten minutes. Then you can access it. OK? =>Get App here for swag: For iPhone…   For Android:


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