August 2022

Issue #202

Kevin Vincent is just getting started.

Utilizing early internet technology, Kevin rose to the top of his direct sales company in just 26 months and has earned more than $3 million in network marketing.

With a passion for technology and a finely tuned instinct for trend-spotting, Kevin is part of a team that has developed a revolutionary, first-to-market, easy-to-use platform that network marketers are going to use to build their online businesses for decades to come.

Kevin and his partners are thrilled to partner with The Network Marketing Magazine as we take the entire industry to new online heights that appeal to “the next generation” of network marketers.

Today’s entrepreneurs have one thing in common – digital is part of their DNA.

At UtopiaVR, they recognize that today’s modern, digital network marketer is confronted with limitless possibilities.

According to Stewart Gray, President of Utopia VR, “The shift to a 3D web is exciting.”

In the coming weeks and months, UtopiaVR is partnering with George and Debbie Madiou here at The Network Marketing Magazine to bring those over 200 months of archives to a new, refreshing, digital 3D life… Stay tuned. 🙂


Equipping & Developing Leaders

When someone enters the world of network marketing, Leadership is an important skill set to have.

Actually, we are in the Leadership business!

In one way or another, we are all leaders, even before we enter this great profession. We start off as a newborn as a leader. Don’t believe me? I have 2 brand new grandchildren and they both exercise their leadership skills with their parents to get what they need, right away!

Fast forward…. When a person chooses to get involved in a business of their own, for their success, it is important to learn leadership skills, more advanced than crying and screaming! That is, if they want to financially succeed in their business.



We are proud to have Kevin heading up this project and we are thrilled to have him as a Lifetime Member and part of our World Leader Team.