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Ann & David Feinstein have been married for 36 years and are living the network marketing dream. Initially as a high school English/Theater teacher, Ann moved to New York City where she met David, a leading business manager/accountant in the entertainment industry, and she became Director of Research for a Park Avenue consulting firm. Feeling trapped in a 40 story New York Manhattan office building, like corporate prisoners working over 70 - 80 hours a week, the Feinsteins dreamt about finding a serious business they could work together to free them from their corporate and small business grind, while utilizing their unique talents. When they found network marketing, they never looked back. Over the next 18 years, their organization expanded into 13 countries with over 100,000 team members, even before the internet! That global experience certainly prepared them for building their multi-million dollar team in more than 40 countries over the next 11 years. Today, they are top international leaders expanding a multinational company into many global markets! As Top Diamond leaders, they have served on the Leadership Advisory Council and the President's Circle, and were honored with the prestigious Global Ambassador, Inspiration of the Year & Drivers of the Year awards, as well as inducted into their company's Hall of Fame. In addition, Ann was named one of the Top 100 Direct Selling Mentors. Connect with Ann Feinstein at:

“When You Talk About Your Business … Are You Telling a Love Story?” By Ann Feinstein

“When You Talk About Your Business … Are You Telling a Love Story?” Nobody should go through life without love, and nobody should have to do a business without loving it. Life and business are about passion and relationships. Have you noticed that one feeds off the other? And most of us won’t be truly…

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