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Awnya Boam

Awnya Boam is the owner of She is currently an Executive Team Leader with Story Time Felts and the mother of 4 young children. Awnya values the time that she is able to spend with them and with her husband of 8 years. She loves to share the message of Direct Selling and Network Marketing with all she meets so that others can have the opportunity to enjoy their life more fully. Awnya is a member of the DSWA Diversity Center as the Under 30 (Now Generation) age group representative. She is helping to increase awareness of the NOW generation as well as helping others know how to market to them. She is also the author of the NOW generation blog at Awnya is currently serving as a DSWA chapter president in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Young People by Awnya Boam

By recognizing the NOW generation as an up and coming super force in this industry, you will be guaranteeing that your business will be one that will last.  What is young, ambitious, and exuberant? They are ready for a challenge……Read...

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