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Beatty Carmichael

Beatty Carmichael is president of Success Products, a leader in recruiting and team building systems for network marketers. Mr. Carmichael first started in network marketing in 1984 while in college. As his business and career grew he changed companies in 1995 to a company with 1 million distributors. Mr. Carmichael and his business partner reached the highest promotional level in that company in 12 months and were among its highest income earners. The two parted ways and in 1997 Mr. Carmichael formed Success Products to provide cutting edge recruiting tools and training to the industry. Today, Mr. Carmichael and his company, with GrowthPro® system, are known for their straight forward approach to coaching and training plus their offline and online business tools to help networkers succeed. The success of their coaching and training clients has been so successful that Mr. Carmichael’s company is the only one that offers a money-back guarantee of a minimum of 15 recruits. For more information about Success Products and its services, visit their web site at GrowthPro