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Benjamin Fitts

Benjamin Fitts is a little bit of a geek. He got started on the internet in 1993 and has owned several internet businesses including his own internet service provider. In 2001 Ben launched his network marketing career and began to apply his internet marketing skills to building his MLM business. At the age of 34 Ben was able to retire from his job and focus full time on network marketing. Ben currently works full time from the comfort of his home building his network marketing business using the internet techniques he picked up along the way. He travels the US & Canada meeting team members and enjoying the freedom network marketing has provided him. Ben wrote a digital book entitled Nichework Marketing: The Step by Step Guide to Finding and Dominating Your Network Marketing Niche Online. The book tells why finding a network marketing niche is so important, especially when marketing your business online. Ben is also launching a training program to go with the book which will give more detailed instructions on how to find your niche and build marketing web sites around this niche.

You’ve Been Lied To by Benjamin Fitts

Five lies you may have been told… and the good news on the other side! You’ve been lied to. If I wrote a book on network marketing that’s how I would start it out. Most of you have been fed lies……Read...

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