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Richard Brough

Mr. Richard N. Brough, CPA graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting  with minors in business administration and Mandarin Chinese.  He has spent over 30 years  helping small and home based business owners increase their profits while helping them save  on taxes.  Most of those years were also spent as a financial auditor which provides Richard  with a thorough understanding of how an auditor thinks.  He now applies this knowledge on  every tax return he prepares.  Outside of tax season, Richard travels the country presenting  workshops for the home‐based business industry.  He has been listed in publications such as  the National Dean’s List, America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, Montclair Who’s Who  Among Executives and Professionals, and International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. 

History of Debt in the United States by Richard Brough

History of Debt in the United States Before the mid 19th century, bankruptcy was considered a crime. For example, in colonial New York, bankrupts were branded on the thumb with a “T” for “thief”. Under the Pennsylvania Act of 1785,…Read...

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