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Carolynn Wain – Senior Executive Sales Leader- Norwex Enviro Products Carolynn Wain entered the field of direct sales 6 years ago as a consultant in a party plan business. She quickly rose to the top of her company in both sales and recruiting, has been recognized many times for her achievements, and has earned a reputation as a dynamic speaker and trainer within her company. Carolynn thrives on helping direct sales professionals improve quality of life both personally and in the lives of those around them, and feels that the greatest opportunity every one of us has is that of self-discovery and the development and pursuit of personal mastery. There's a ripple effect, In all that we do. What you do touches me, What I do touches you. ~ Unknown ~

An Expression of Your Core Values by Carolynn Wain

I believe that if a person will put his or her mind to it, any of us may find a way to turn what it is we’re doing into a passionate pursuit You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it. ~Oprah Winfrey If…

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