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Carrie Wilkerson is the voice of experience. From corporate life to teaching high school to direct sales, to information marketing and coaching she has 'been there and done that' professionally and personally. An 'overnight mom' to 2 toddlers through adoption, her priorities instantly changed and so did her workplace. She's now built several businesses and coached others to do the same while overcoming extreme debt, losing 110 lbs and having 2 more children, for a total of 4, aging from toddler to teen! As "The Barefoot Executive," and President of the Association of Work at Home Women, Carrie and her network of experts have quickly become the definitive resource for helping others achieve extra income and career goals while working from home. Currently a mentor/coach/advisor to over 100,000 men and women as the Barefoot Executive through videos, podcasts, masterminding, mentoring and live speaking. Not only a business expert, but an expert IN Business, Carrie's work-at-home methods have inspired thousands and has earned many awards, online and off. A sought after speaker, Carrie's humor, real-life examples and tough love translates to every audience, gender, genre and generation. Her passion is in teaching others to 'Fill their Stadium' with fans so that marketing is easy and business is abundant!

Controlling the Chaos by Carrie Wilkerson

Managing mayhem little by little… how can you stretch YOU any further? I’m in the midst of some serious chaos here! We are in the middle of a major remodeling project, have several business projects in the works, have 3 kids going different directions and juggling all of this with only 7 weeks left (we hope)…

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