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Cheryl Bassitt

Inspired by her own family’s journey, Cheryl creates a movement to bring families together. This initiative was recognized as one of the top 5 Next Best Brilliant Ideas for Humanity. Cheryl is often referred to as the common-sense coach, taking a practical approach to life, family values and communication. She previously served as the Executive Director for a major health care association and then discovered her true passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Through several network marketing companies and business adventures, Cheryl’s heart brought her back home to the family business…literally. As an author and speaker, she shares her journey and a true gift of how to connect with your family for life. Her message is grounded in 4 core seeds that foster personal responsibility, effective communication, goal setting, and what it means to authentically celebrate ourselves and others. She created the Award Winning Unstoppable Family Meeting E-Kit. Along with the 4 Seeds, this kit gives you everything you need today, to have an unstoppable connection with your family tonight. Start your family journey at

These Four Seeds Build Crazy Amazing Connections! By Cheryl Bassitt

These Four Seeds Build Crazy Amazing Connections! When I started in Network Marketing, I was a single Mom with two young boys. Over the years I have made plenty of money in the industry.  However, I became rich in network…Read...

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