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Christie Northrup teaches professionals in home party plan, direct sales, and network marketing how to TWIST Sour Sales Situations into Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits™. With over30 years' sales and leadership experience, she has taught and inspired thousands of sales consultants as well as led nationally ranked, top-producing sales organizations. She is a certified "Train-the-Trainer." Known worldwide as The Lemon Aid Lady™, Christie began her selling career at the young age of ten. But it was when she started working with a major direct-sales company - as a young mother - that her career blossomed. Beginning as a demonstrator, she worked her way to the top level of leadership. And while she and her family made several cross-country moves, she built huge customer bases in each city and held an average of six-to-eight parties a week while leading top, nationally-ranked teams. Christie knows from experience that a successful party plan business is based on achieving more bookings, sales, and recruits. She shares the proven ideas she created and used throughout her career and in her family and personal life through books, audios, and presentations. She also consults direct sales and party plan companies on marketing and sales issues. She and her husband of 33 years, Robert - an advertising and marketing professional - founded Lemon Aid Learning Adventures™ in 1998, a marketing and sales consulting group. They reside in the Nauvoo, Illinois and have three grown sons, three daughters-in-law, a grandson and two granddaughters. Copyright © 2011 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

Direct Sales: How You Stimulate Our Economy by Christie Northrup

Next time someone suggests you get a “real job” share this article with them so they’ll see how the entire Direct Sales Industry has the potential to boost the personal economy of millions of people. January, 2009: Recently the world witnessed the change in command of the commander in chief of the United States of America.…

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