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Clifton Jolley

Dr. Jolley consults to Network Marketing C-Level executives as well as to traditional companies such as Nokia, Maidenform, bmiSMART, and others. For more than 20 years he has provided MLM companies with marketing communications, corporate and field leadership support, crisis mediation, and services ranging from speech writing to content development of websites, audio/video, and media relations. His Aunt Delila and Grandmother Holt were two of Shaklee’s first Distributors long before Dr. Jolley left a career as an Assistant Professor of Communications and newspaper columnist to serve companies such as Herbalife and Nikken (where he consulted for nearly 15 years, the last three as chief of marketing and communications). • • 214-497-0084

The Psychology of Networking by Clifton Jolley

This is a story about network marketing and becoming a successful entrepreneur. But it doesn’t begin that way, just like most of us probably didn’t begin by thinking we’d find our way to MLM. My story begins with my two……Read...

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