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Chris Magda

As an incredibly successful entrepreneur Chris has started and sold 9 successful businesses! As a former FOREX Trader Chris had over 153 leveraged accounts and prior to that worked internationally as a Private Placement Fund Raiser so he has the depth, grit and experience to train and develop any sales team to the highest level of sales and service imaginable. Chris is also a DSWA Certified Direct Sales Coach and Trainer and works with the highest caliber names in the MLM and Direct Sales industry. He is also an accomplished author, business influencer and public speaker that appears regularly on some of the most highly regarded blogs, podcasts and events! Chris is a heart centered listener and strategic organizer that supports in discovering key ideas, tools and resources necessary to achieve business breakthroughs and life s changing results. Contact us today to schedule your FREE Discovery Session or to get his new FREE Report on his new ebook and life changing course MINDSET MASTERSHIP™!

Discover Your Inner Balance to Harmonize Your Outcomes by Chris Magda

So what is Emotional Intelligence anyway? It sounded almost contradictory or even silly the first time I heard it… Hmm… Could it be that my reaction was justified in pairing these two words together as psychobabble mumbo jumbo or was…Read...

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