Author name: Cody Wasial

I enjoy life, through creativity and expression. Through drive, passion, and a love for everything and everyone. I love cold water therapy, I live for waterfalls & babbling brooks. I love to dance and heal my body with movement. I break out into laughter over the smallest of beautiful moments in life and lead with love in my heart and joy In my soul. I have been a successful entrepreneur since 2003, creating/owning, and operating 5 different businesses. I have employed over 190 people and served over 4,000 clients & climbing. I have spent over 8 years diving deep into the higher calling of self, spirituality, and understanding the mind and how it works and how to reprogram it. I have studied and been certified through the Brave Thinking Institute as a Transformational Life Coach, & Newly certified TranscenDance TM facilitator by Jennifer Joy Jimenez (Aug 2020) Those are the credentials however my most noteworthy accomplishment is who I became in the process of all of this. Allowing me to now be here for you, help you find your passion and path. Its Time! Your time, for abundance in love, success, freedom, and health.

The Challenge of Change …….. By Cody Wasial

Well, I’m experiencing one right at this very moment. A change in the topic in which to write about for the June Issue of this magical magazine. My initial response was: “But I already completed my other one!“ I could feel myself begin to work up some resistance. I didn’t want to write a second…

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