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Dana Gore

Dana Gore is an Author and Certified personal Training Specialist, CPTS. Having spent many years practicing unhealthy habits that led to obesity and eating disorders, she found her passion and became formally educated in the area of Exercise Science through Fitness Institute International School of Fitness. She is now lean, fit, healthy and in a position to coach and inspire others how to incorporate good-sense and healthy habits into their daily lives. Dana understands the power behind thoughts. In a society where information about health and wellness is abundant, she focuses on becoming excited and connected to the process of well-being rather than the goal of weight-loss itself for permanent lifestyle changes. Dana contributes to several written publications, has been a guest speaker for internet radio shows and along with her husband, instructs people on how to utilize safe and structured fitness routines based on their own individual needs, medical histories and personalities. For more information, Dana can be reached at Her website is

To Be Consistent, Give Up Giving Up by Dana Gore

I changed my mind. Then I changed my habits and much like magic, my reality has been improving ever since! One habit I was always consistent about in the past was BEING INCONSISTENT! I would get an idea, feel all excited…Read...

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