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Dani Johnson is recognized worldwide as the preeminent authority on Relationship Marketing. She’s an internationally sought after speaker, best-selling author, success coach, financial expert and founder of Call To Freedom Int’l, a personal achievement and corporate training company. Dani knows first hand what it takes to overcome adversity and succeed in life. She went from growing up in an abusive, drug afflicted home to striking it out on her own in business at the early age of 19, only to wind up destitute and homeless living out of her car with $2.03 to her name. Then something changed. She went on to earn her first million in just two years by the age of 23, starting several successful companies and businesses, pioneering a new form of Relationship Marketing. Since then she’s committed her life to sharing with others her proven success systems, empowering and equipping others with the knowledge and skill to achieve the impossible.

How to Maintain Consistency in Your Home-Based Business by Dani Johnson

The reason why most of us struggle with fear, inconsistency and lack of focus is really simple. We don’t give our network marketing business the same diligence and commitment that we give our boss. Many home business builders struggle with consistency or lack there of in getting results. The simple answer is contained in that dreaded…

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