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David Dunworth

David J Dunworth is the Chief Experiences Officer of Marketing Partners, a marketing advisory services firm. David has lived on 4 of the 6 continents with plans to finish the lot. An author of 6 books, co-author of 2 more (one of which is an international best-seller in eight categories). He loves writing and reading, cooking, and rescuing glasses of red wine from evaporation. His books are on Amazon, and you can find him at, or drop a comment on his blog at

Women – Ya Gotta Lovem’ By David Dunworth

Women – Ya Gotta Lovem’ Why is it that for centuries women have been considered inferior to men? It’s a question I’ve pondered for decades but have yet to identify with that assessment. Ya gotta lovem;’ everything about them. It’s…
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WARNING: If you’re comfortable hiding behind your company brand…. STOP READING NOW But if you Really Want to Stand Out…. BOLD IS NOT BORING  Image Credit:  People buy from people, not companies, corporations, or anything else.  People buy from…
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