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Gail Reynolds, Expert Leader... In Multi-Level-Marketing Network-Marketing Direct-Selling and Work at home businesses From a single parent living in a council flat with 2 kids and claiming benefits, to becoming one of the UK’s most influential leaders of our time. With no business back ground, no qualifications when she left school and no knowledge of the industry she is now leading the way for thousands and thousands of others like her. Gail Reynolds has built an empire of over 2700 team members. With a massive annual turnover of £7Million she has also trained, coached and developed over 250 leaders and continues to build her MLM business from strength to strength. Amongst her army of Award Winning Team members she also has the honour of having the company’s highest number of Elite Presidents Club Members and an exclusive and duplicatable system that only Team GBR has access to. Gail believes: “We are not born as leaders We are simply born with attitude, personality and passion What defines you as a leader isn't your education or class It’s your adaptability, your enthusiasm for success and your own self belief.” Award winning Author... With Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Lisa Wilber, Mark Victor Hanson and Brian Tracy The London Book Festival Awards in 2012 named Gail Reynolds an Award Winning author in the “How to” category for her first book; Mum’s the word. Gail’s journey of ups, downs, trials and errors can be found in this award winning book. International Speaker... At the European Parliaments in Brussels Live TV and Radio shows with BBC News and Sky TV You can learn more about Gail by going to her website HERE

Islands In The Streams by Gail Reynolds

Remember your islands are why you are doing this in the first place! Islands in the streams Having multiple streams of income sounds like the Dream Life we all wish for. However, if you are going to work towards having this idyllic life you will have to look at exactly what it is you are going…

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