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George W. French is the President and Founder of Oil Extreme International, the manufacturers of Oil Extreme, "Better Than Synthetic" motor oil. And, he claims to have the "World's Best Motor Oil", and says he can prove it. When you visit his web site at, and see all the racing successes he has had with the motor oil and additives, and are able to read technical papers about the revolutionary anti friction technology used in all the products, it's very hard to not believe him. Since after 9/11 when racing budgets were cut so drastically, George decided to take his oil directly to the consumer through a franchise program called Oil Extreme Mobile Pit Stop. In many parts of the country you can see his franchisees driving around in fancy vans doing oil changes at office complexes and large corporate parking lots. These franchised dealers have proven that once a motorist uses the oil one time they usually have a customer for life, because the oil gives better gas and diesel mileage, more horsepower, less emissions, and the oil lasts two or three times longer than normal

MLM HOTEL by George W. French

What do you do when you retire as one of the founders of American Honda Motor Company? Why, you enter the ‘early days’ of Multi Level Marketing of course! Statler Hilton Hotel Los AngelesI’ll never forget the first invitation I ever had to attend a money making presentation at the Los Angeles Statler Hilton Hotel…

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