Author Archive: Iain Bratt

Iain Bratt is the Executive Vice President of the Social Networking Association. He excels at optimizing day-to-day systems to advance the innovative vision. Iain has been a corporate consultant in addition to his credentials as the CEO of Lyoness America (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil), EVP of Life Force International, COO, and CFO. Also, Senior Director at Nature's Sunshine (UK &Ireland), Iain’s global experience in direct sales industry operations extends across 33 countries over the last 31 years.

Procrastination, To Dance With Jeopardy And Potential Failure by Iain Bratt

Iain Bratt I recently decided to open a box of old photos and papers. I do not know why I chose to do this in 2020, but I ended up holding a paper I had kept from 1977. It was some physics homework that 15-year-old Iain had written. It was two pages of handwritten notes…

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