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"I filled my coaching class in just under 30 days. At $3500. a seat, that was a reasonably healthy chunk of change. I never did any business on my facebook page, but as Jake explained to me, I wasn't attracting the type of people that cared about the subject matter I teach. After making some simple adjustments to how I spend the same time I was already spending on facebook, I was able to attract the right people and fill my class in record time. Thanks Jake." ~ Chris Carther, Fort Lauderdale, Florida "Dear Jake, I wanted to say thank you for the great marketing results you have produced for us. I sincerely admire, respect and appreciate your talent, devotion and commitment to the project and believe that you are an invaluable addition to the success of our message and product. We expect to enjoy great continued success with you." ~ Patrick Wanis, Celebrity Life Coach "Thanks Jake. I tried the endless leads system and it didn't work for me. I think, compared to your system that it's very incomplete and honestly, I didn't like having to lie about my income and pretending to be some rich person that could make others rich too. Every time I went through the whole process of finding someone (and it takes forever) the rest of anything we talked about was them drilling me on "exactly" how I was going to make them rich. Heck, I don't know, I've not even made ME rich yet, how can I show anyone else!!!??? You said if I led with the money, it would always be about the money and you were right. Anyway, not only did that not sit well with me (I'm a church girl) but it was very frustrating, lots of work and no reward. With your system, I'm really and truly enriching people's lives with my info and products. I'm still not rich yet, but I see the light and am having so much fun, I don't care if I do get rich. Thank you so much. ~ Maria Dimingo, San Diego, California [email protected] The Network Marketing Magazine

Facebook For Dummies… Literally, you have to see this! by Jake Steingart

How did a ‘not so bright’ buddy of mine make a few grand on Facebook? And you should know that he did it by accident!  Facebook Marketing: How to get people to want what you’re selling using this basic Social Law. It’s called social proof. Watch my video on Facebook Marketing here: Social Proof Marketing…

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