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Jillian was born in Toronto, Canada spent her time growing up in Nova Scotia and has lived in Ontario, Alberta & California, United States. Her Excitement for the Direct Selling Profession began as a child while her friends Mom was hosting A Mary Kay Party which amazed her that Women could learn Success by purchasing a Business Kit that turned into income and no Boss. Her background is in business organizational coaching. Dynamic and intuitive, Jillian has the ability to contribute innovative strategies for business providing simple solutions for complex issues. She is able to identify extensive details that envelope the life or business of the Network Marketer. Jillian combines the Direct Selling Profession and the side of Entrepreneurship to Support Consultants into becoming an Elite Leader in this ever growing Industry.. By looking at them at both areas in business with an innovative, & unique way. Her goal is to provide simplified solutions for encouraging Consultants to become Professional Leaders and share resources for overall stability in Being a Business owner. Her aspirations is to shift an aspect of the Industry into Modern times of technology in the Network Marketing industry, while maintaining the connection with people in person, uphold the DSA Code Of Ethics, and improve the way network marketers interact with consumers on a daily basis—providing trust and authenticity on a global scale.