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Jim Gillhouse

Jim Gillhouse has been involved in the network marketing industry since 1997. Jim first joined the Network Marketing Industry approximately a year before he retired from a twenty plus year career in the US Army. Jim was fortunate to have experienced both huge success and devastating loss within the first few years that he was involved in the network marketing industry. As a result of Jim's experience from initial success followed by devastation caused when one of his key leaders decided to change companies and then with the financial aid of leaders at the new company rape Jim's organization. After being raided by the other company and a former friend Jim was forced to rebuild his team from scratch and through it all he learned that Success is Rarely Final and almost all Setbacks are Only Temporary. Jim's first career began as a private (E-1) Aircraft Mechanic and Crew Chief in the US Army. A career he retired from as a Chief Warrant Officer Four (CW4) Standardization Instructor Pilot and Instrument Flight Examiner after twenty plus years. During Jim's career in the Army he learned a great deal about Leadership, what motivates people and understanding the psychology needed to teach and train soldiers. Even after all of the education and experience which Jim received from his military training, he will be the first to tell you that he has learned more about leadership, psychology and what motivates people since he has been involved in the network marketing industry than he did during all of his formal education and military experience combined. The most important lesson Jim has learned from being involved in the industry of network marketing over the years is that this is an all volunteer industry and that our people are our most valuable resource. Consequently, the name of this industry should really be "Relationship Marketing." Jim has often said: "I believe that there are only a few different kinds of people in the world." 1. Those people that naturally share their good and more often bad experiences with the people that they know... for free. 2. And those of us who enjoy a residual income for doing the exact same thing as the people above. Since 1997 Jim has made it his personal mission to reach out to and train anyone that is willing to come along with him on this journey we call; Rejection, Insanity, Frustration, Disappointment, Joy, Excitement, Beauty, Thrill, Triumph, Wonder and Success. Jim believes that the industry of Network Marketing is indeed all of those things to almost everyone who ever chooses to get involved in our great industry. The fact that Jim has been and continues to be willing to share his knowledge and teaching with anyone regardless of whether they are on his team or not is a testament to who Jim is as a mentor and the kind of man he really is. We have listed some of the reasons below that we have invited Jim to join our list of renowned contributing authors. 1. In 2007 Jim was one of the fifty-two contributing authors of John Milton Fogg's newest book titled "It's Time... for Network Marketing" right along side of Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Burg, Nicki Keohohou, Paul Zane Pilzer, Bob Proctor, Tom "Big Al" Shreiter, Bo Short, Ty Tribble, Jackie Ulmer, Dr. Dennis Waitley and Mark Yarnell 2. He has been a regularly featured guest of the Home Based Business Radio Show and Networking with the Blind Guy 3. Since January of 2008 Jim has been hosting his own Radio Show - ACES Radio Live. His radio show currently has listeners in over 90 countries around the world. 4. In 2010 Jim was nominated as one of the Top 25 most influential people within the Network Marketing Industry by the MLMIA.