Author name: Jim Lupkin

Jim Lupkin is an executive, serial entrepreneur and social media expert known for his pillar catchphrase: never run out of people to talk to about business. Businesses in more than 101 countries increased sales as a result of his social media system. Jim is the only person endorsed for having a proven social media system by Dr. Mikel Harry, co-creator of Six Sigma—the premiere forum used by 87 of the top Fortune100 companies, like American Express and Ford, to accelerate profits, Jim plans to elevate the world, one positive social media connection at a time. Jim shows businesses as well as his own companies how to master the most natural ways to make new connections and nurture those relationships using the power of social media, which gives you direct access to billions of people. Whether you’re an independent contractor, small business, brand or company, you’ll learn how to get people to purchase your products and services and receive an endless stream of referrals. Jim is an international speaker, author and has been featured in entrepreneurial publications, from Ad Week to Inc. Magazine.

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