Author Archive: John Kalench

John Kalench is a highly respected trainer and international best selling author for the network marketing industry. Corporations, leaders and distributors around the world acknowledge his continued example of integrity, vision and commitment to the growing industry of network marketing. John is perhaps best known as the author of Being the Best You Can Be in MLM, a book many consider to be the how-to benchmark of the network marketing industry. Hailed as an instant classic when it was first published in 1991, it has gone on to sell over one million copies worldwide in twelve different languages.

Beyond Chicken and Egg by John Kalench

Do you lead with the product or the opportunity? Maybe there really IS something that comes first! Which comes first – the chicken or the egg? You know the dilemma: When you want to invite someone to take a look at your Network Marketing business, what do you show them first – your product or your…

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