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Kennesha Forrest has over 20 years of extensive experience in the Mortgage and Beauty Industries and has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Since moving to Los Angeles in 1989 to attend UCLA, she encountered a series of experiences between LA and her native Pittsburg, CA (known as the East Bay Area); these experiences solidified her love of and calling to be an entrepreneur. After winning many awards and accolades in banking, customer service, mortgage and cosmetology, she knew that there was a different calling for her; she unexpectedly, yet divinely created an opportunity to take the leap into entrepreneurship full-time. As the mother of 5 sons ranging in ages from 27 to 11, she has gained and cultivated a tremendous and diverse skill set to take on the tasks of building her businesses; one of them being her Network Marketing Business. The common denominator in all of her ventures is time-freedom, which is required for her to become her best self in her many rolls. Kennesha’s life mission is to create a movement of empowerment and to assist other women entrepreneurs on their journeys, showing them that they all can rise to become #GreatWomenWhoWin! For contact, reach out to her at [email protected]

Am I Really Teachable and Coachable? By Kennesha Forrest

  Questions from a Network Marketing Rebel. After joining, and leaving, so many companies in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry, I know this time is different. Why may you ask?  Because I asked for another shot; another “ground floor” opportunity that will revolutionize the industry and the world, as we know it.  Such opportunity found…

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