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Kimberly Reyes resides in San Francisco, California. She has been running her own Interior Design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 4 years and previously in several other states. Kimberly has been lucky enough to have lived all over the country and traveled extensively around the world. This has given her a world view that lends itself to her success within a diverse women’s organization. As a philanthropist and motivated contributor regarding women’s issues Kimberly is passionate about Mastery for Women. Successful Entrepreneur The entrepreneurial spirit was developed in Kimberly at a very early age. She was raised by two entrepreneurs in a family – home based business. She has also had the good fortune of starting and developing several businesses as a successful entrepreneur over the last 25 years. Along the way she has had the opportunity to train and develop other women entrepreneurs. Kimberly’s area of subject matter expertise SME is on networking, building collaborative business relationships, women’s team building, and as a heart centered strategic advisor. Accomplished Presenter, Public Speaker and Contributor Starting 25 years ago, Kimberly was training and developing a sales force on a national stage. Over the decades she continues to motivate, connect, and support as a popular presenter and National Call in Host. Education UC Davis - B.S. Psychology with a minor in training and development Old Dominion University – B.S. Business Administration

Embrace and Acknowledge what makes Women Unique by Kimberly Reyes

How women interact and communicate with each other that is different than men When creating a woman’s organization, Mastery for Women, we looked at how women interact and communicate with each other that is different than men. The dynamics are complex and just like with anything else personalities and human nature are involved. Men and women…

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