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Celebrated by audiences nationwide as a thoughtful, engaging and generous teacher, bestselling author Kris Miller speaks about financial freedom, second chances and how to thrive in an uncertain economy. Kris Miller’s life is centered on service to others and is built on the foundation of her own second chance. Mansions and forest fires; #1 records and a 3,000 mile, barefoot journey across America; $1,000,000 of chemotherapy and an enduring legacy, building and protecting people’s financial security - Kris’s stories are at once, heartbreaking and uplifting. Along the way, Kris has saved more then 6,000 families from tragedy and financial ruin. She’s been called a Legacy Wealth Strategist for the simple yet powerful workshops and keynote presentations she delivers to community groups, corporations and governments. Kris has designed programs that transform people’s relationship to money, debt, security, estate planning and creating lives of celebration. In her private practice, no one has lost a single penny. Many others have learned how to create income they will never outlive and how to face the financial uncertainty of physical and mental health as we grow into our golden years. Kris has been a featured guest on hundreds of radio and TV programs; published in hundreds of print and online publications; and spoken on stages across the country for companies and top financial organizations. She’s a Certified Senior Advisor; a Legal Document Assistant or LDA; and she’s been nominated for Woman of the Year and Best Customer Service by the Chamber of Commerce.

The 12 Secrets of Estate Planning by Kris Miller

The 12 Secrets of Estate Planning The Best Estate Planning Tip Don’t put it off: The best estate planning tip is to have one. Take the time now while you are clear and competent to consider the elements of your……Read...

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