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Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon is happily married with two children and lives on a hobby farm in a small town in North East Victoria, Australia. Over the past eight years working successfully in direct sales and network marketing, Linda realised that working for yourself was the only way she could see to earn an income and have the flexibility needed for your family. However, she also discovered that working from home came with some interesting challenges. Two years ago Linda decided she wanted to help other women tackle those challenges and set out on a mission to interview and learn from some of the top women that already had a successful business and juggled a family as well. Topics highlighted in the interviews include home support, gratitude, how to build your business in tough times, bookings, sales and recruiting. Linda then had something tangible to pass onto other women so put the interviews into electronic books, which are available from her website Her business is all about assisting other women so they can run their own business and have time for themselves and their families. Current E-Books: - Top Ten Big Time Management Tips For Business Women, Women in Organics and Networking and Women in Direct Selling.

Getting Real About Your Home Business by Linda McMahon

Understand that your home business is valid, real work, so treat your business the same way you would if you went out each morning to an office or elsewhere to work.  Setting Your Work Hours Understand that your home business……Read...

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