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The best thing about network marketing for me is learning life skills that have immense value. The skill of being truly present and listening without agenda, and without judgment, which gifts the other person with the all too rare opportunity to show up as how and who they really are. The skill of having fun even when— maybe especially when— working really hard. The skills of Teamwork— not just working as part of a Team— really learning how to follow and support the leader, which turns out to be the very best way to learn how to be a leader. And having this bundle of skills in my toolkit adds up to being magnetically attractive and a whole lot'a fun. If ever there was a servant leader, it's Maran. "It's all good" is something she lives— whether in the chaotic aftermath of a South Florida hurricane or facing the frustrations of a seething subscriber who can't get into the site. "Take a deep breath", she says, and goes about her business of turning straw into gold. I've been together with Maran for more than five years now. Tough and high times both. She is a rock. One of those highly polished, swirling blue Lapis lazuli ones with the word Creativity etched in platinum. Maran is all that good! JMF

What color lenses are in your sunglasses? by Maran Banta

It’s Interesting the way we allow what information to shape our beliefs, our paradigms, our expectations “Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.” I was a teenager when I first heard that……Read...

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