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For nearly two decades, Max Steingart has dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced methods of harnessing the power of social media for every type of business. Today there are tens of thousands of social media experts promoting their own brand of ‘how- tos’ and ‘systems’. Most of them received their basic training going through one or more of Max’s social media trainings that he has created over the past two decades. Social Networks Max’s social media trainings have been the “Secret Weapon” of top income earners in over 200 network marketing companies over the years. He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs to achieve million dollar incomes in their chosen business. Since 1995, Max has devoted his time to researching, studying, understanding and teaching the secrets of prospecting and recruiting on social networks with his FOUR (4) step online relationship building system. He has led the way in providing cutting-edge information, tools and training for all kinds of professionals including: network marketers, affiliate marketers, Internet marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, trainers and aspiring social media gurus looking for new business, clients, customers, distributors or friends on the Internet. Max has shared the stage with nationally known celebrities, best-selling authors, and professional athletes at large conventions and smaller venues around the world. He has spoken on topics including: Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Networks; Social Media Marketing; Internet Relationship Building; Leadership; Target Marketing; and Goal Setting and Attainment.

Facebook Scripts by Max Steingart

Facebook Scripts Scripts For Displaced Networkers 1. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your company. Were you building the business part time or full time? 2. How were you doing? 3. Why do you think you weren’t successful?…
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More Social Media Posts By Max Steingart

More Social Media Posts Modify the Examples Below to Fit Your Particular Offer Your Post: “If you think no one care if you’re alive, try missing a couple of payments.” Your Answer: “I’m glad you liked my joke. What are…
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Posting Scripts By Max Steingart

Posting Scripts Posting several times a day will: • Make strangers want to be connected to you. • Nourish relationships. • Make people curious about you. Search Term Examples: • Motivational Quotes • Inspirational Quotes • Motivational Business • Quotes…
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What To Say by Max Steingart

What To Say 1st Contact Scripts – The Formula Hi ( Name ), + (Why you are messaging them) + (compliment them) + (why you think you should be friends) = 95% new friend acceptance rate when attempting to connect…
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Listen More Than You Talk! By Max Steingart

Listen More Than You Talk! Questions To Ask If your question can be answered with a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’, it’s NOT an “Open Ended” question. From the answers you get to your questions, if you pay attention to the…
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“Social Networking Laws” by Max Steingart

“Four Social Networking Laws” 1. “What you see is what you get.” 2. “There are three reasons people don’t respond to you.” 3. “When talking to people, don’t focus on making a sale. Focus on whether there’s a sale to…
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