Author Archive: Nancy Korzyniewski

Nancy Korzyniewski is a coach and trainer with 20+ years in Direct Sales in various leadership roles. Her career began as a teacher, and she also has a professional organizing business. She is involved with DSWA as Director of Corporate Service as well as assisting with writing and delivery of training. As a coach, Nancy feels it is a privilege to be a catalyst for the positive action and forward momentum that Direct Sellers (and everyone) want in their lives. She is a graduate of the DSWA Coach Excellence School. You can find out more about the Coach Excellence School at

As a Coach and a Partner by Nancy Korzyniewski

What does it really mean to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself? As a Network Marketer, you have heard the expression “in business for yourself, but not by yourself”. This means so many wonderful things like freedom and flexibility, no limits on advancement and achievement, and no one to “answer to.” Not “by…

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