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Dave Thompson is a salesman, singer, songwriter and poet, among other things, and he lives in northeast Ohio. He began his network marketing career at 20 years of age back in 1971 when you almost had to be a hybrid of Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, and Jim Rohn to make it! Cassette tapes were just coming out in the industry and they were all company specific. There was no such thing as generic training back then like there is now. The only other “tools” you had were a pen and a yellow pad for “one on ones” (or maybe a paper napkin if you were in a restaurant) or a whiteboard and a marker for home meetings. The first presentation he had to learn was two hours long! THAT is NOT a misprint! By the age of 21, he was out “drawing circles” three to four nights a week at least! In fact, he was working so hard in the fall of 1972, working 90 hours a week at his regular job and drawing circles, that he fell asleep while driving one day and had a minor fender bender right in front of a police station. He is thankful for the invaluable training he received back then and wouldn’t take anything for it but is ALSO thankful that things have gotten easier as the years have progressed and says that there is NO EXCUSE for what people call failure today! He has built organizations in two companies over the years and sold those businesses to his sponsors. He has finally found his last company but will never sell what he is building now! He is the author of, Come…Soar with the Eagles, which he calls a three-minute seminar in a poem. He has also developed a presentation that he calls, Wealth Building Through Health Building for Baby Boomers. He is in the process of writing a book on his network marketing experiences.

Come…Soar with the Eagles by Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson Come…Soar with the Eagles Dedicated to all the brave men and women in network marketing who dare to pursue their visions and dreams until they become realities! A mighty weapon in the hand of God is a man or a woman with a dream They carry a torch and lead the way so…

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