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Phyllis Hayden

Owner of Transitional Woman Boutique, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach with First Fitness Nutrition, Phyllis is a woman in action, inspiring others to live their dreams. Her passion is empowering others to thrive in a changing world and seeing them overcome their health and financial challenges. Only 3 years shy of full retirement with Dallas ISD, Phyllis Hayden decided to resign after 28 years of service as an Educator and Administrator. Standing firm on her belief of helping others to succeed, Ms. Hayden catapulted herself to the very top of her new career as an entrepreneur in less than 2 years breaking records by helping others to succeed. From her vast experience as a single mom and entrepreneur, Phyllis has developed a strategy of taking your dreams, goals, strengths, passions and transforming them into a successful business model. She lives by her personal mantra - Encourage people to Believe it! Speak it! Receive It! She built a multilevel business across the nation helping people build home based businesses. Phyllis’s newest endeavor is THRIVE: 4 Pillars of Success. Faith, Freedom, Fashion & Fitness. Motivating others and showing them that if she can do it they can too!

I would never meet a stranger by Phyllis Hayden

I would never meet a stranger My Shero (mother) would always say to me “you have a gift for working with people, you will build good relationships and make a difference in people lives”. She would tell others that I…Read...

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