Author Archive: Rebecca J. Messreni

Rebecca J. Messreni 'Becca Rae' Rebecca has owned & operated her own business since the age of seventeen in Public Relations and Marketing with an emphasis on small business. She entered Network Marketing after experiencing life-changing results in natural supplements going on to build successful organizations and 'to this day' life-changing residual income and life style. Passionate about 'Free Enterprise America,' Rebecca has trained thousands in the skills and mindset of operating your own business from home. Probably best known for her training program, The 3-Week Boot Camp - Prospecting at the Speed of Technology and The 3-Week Phone Jam.

Health Savings Accounts by Rebecca J. Messreni

Healthcare’s Best Kept Secret! We don’t need REFORM! We need to be INFORMED!  HSAs were passed into law in 2003 and became effective January 1, 2004. They were created with the intent to give you more control over your own healthcare decisions and lower your overall cost – without compromising quality and choice. Simply put,…

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