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Rene Banuelos

Rene Banuelos is the founder and CEO of 22Social, a Marketing platform that helps businesses leverage Facebook to collect leads and make sales. 22Social has been used in more than 40K Facebook Business pages to collect leads and generate millions in revenue. Rene launched his first business, a locksmith service, at the age of 13 and started programming at 14. He earned a Computer Science Degree from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and worked as a software engineer for the telecom and defense industries for more than 5 years. He later quit his last JOB to return to his entrepreneurial roots. His business experience include Financial Services, Real Estate Investing, Network Marketing and Online Marketing. Launching 22Social in 2012 allowed Rene to pursue 3 of his passions; marketing, technology and business. His mission is to help entrepreneurs reduce the obstacles faced when trying to grow their business. After working with Entrepreneurs for several years, Rene realized that the most successful were those lead a tribe online. That’s why in 2016, he started the Tribe Leaders Academy to help experts and coaches launch paid subscription communities in order to increase their cash flow and the number of people they could impact.