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Robert Blackman-The Doctor of Direct Mail - Married with five children ages 2 -18. Works from home and considers time more important than money. - Robert has been in Network Marketing for 33 years. - Robert Blackman is the Author of two MLM books on “How to Sit Back & Get Rich in Any MLM” (1996) and “MLM Big Money” (2011). - He owns and runs a lead generation company. - He also owns a monthly MLM membership and coaching program. - He has produced a generic 33-CD MLM Mastery Training Course. - Has consulted with six different MLM Presidents. - Is a copywriter for many top MLM distributors. - As the owner of his own printing plant, Robert merged his warm marketing techniques into the cold market with direct mail recruiting. - In one year alone he had over 8,000,000 postcards mailed through co-ops in his organization at no cost to him! - Designed and created one of the world’s largest online recruiting systems that generated over 3,000,000 optins and converted 80,000 of those into paid auto-ship distributors in a 18-month period. - One of the few distributors that has created large downlines in both warm marketing and cold marketing (both with direct mail and the internet). - What you’ll learn… - How to use direct mail to explode your business and your downlines business through warm marketing! - The biggest mistakes to avoid with direct mail. - Why I get my prospects street address on all my capture pages. - Why you MUST use direct mail to build your downline. - How I convert 46% of all my online squeeze page opt-ins into customers/distributors. - See exact postcard samples that have I used. - How I made $3,000 to a list of 1,253. - How I made $18,000 to a list of 4,285. - The “1% Rule” of direct mail and how to use it to DOUBLE your group. - Why it’s “okay” to lose money on your first mailing. - How to write your own postcard in one afternoon. - How to get your own postcard co-op going every month at no cost to you! - Where to get your mailing lists. - Where to get your printing done. - How often you should mail your lists. - When to use a postcard. - When to use a sales letter. - How to tie your direct mail into all your online marketing (websites, twitter, facebook, etc.) - A sample Facebook direct mail campaign that cost me .18 cents per click and created an R.O.I. (return on investment) of 22 times my cost of running the ad!