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Robert Velarde

Robert Velarde is an International Trainer/Motivator and Internet marketing Strategist who specializes in Social Media with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts and Web 2.0 social networks. He travels the country as Successful Thinkers’ Co-Founder and (ST) public relations contact person and also for his role as a National Ambassador in developing Social Media Online and offline communities. He is a successful business owner and founder of First Listing and The New Social Media (; a Social Media Internet marketing service that enables its clients to achieve greater success by reaching their target audience through business branding and niche market penetration. Prior to The New Social Media concept, Robert formed A7, a dynamic team of savvy, skillful professionals- each with a unique set of talents to offer for providing a full spectrum of services to clients. In addition, he founded Strauss Promotions and utilized the A7 team to help promote The Strauss Festival of Elk Grove, CA and bring it to world-wide acclaim. Robert enjoys connecting with people and seeks to enrich those he meets through offering encouragement, inspiration, and instruction. His positive energy and upbeat personality have empowered people nationwide on a personal level, in public settings, and on a global scale via video webinars and training tutorials featured on the Internet and News Media. By providing tangible strategies with real-world application, Robert teaches individuals how to achieve extraordinary results in both their personal and professional lives. On an individual level, Robert’s methods include one-on-one mentorship and personal development techniques. On a business level, Robert’s techniques include advising businesses on how to harness the power of technology to increase exposure, gain more customers and to build a solid clientele base through consistent follow-up. His proven methods and positive “vibe” keep him in high demand these days as he travels to and fro in America, seeking whom he may empower…

Having an Abundant Mindset in The Digital World by Robert Velarde Article and Video

Question: How do you develop an Abundant Mindset In The Digital World Answer: Develop a positive mindset of keywords Here is how: What are some keywords that you should immediately begin to use in your everyday routine to help you…Read...

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