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Ron Henley is recognized around the world as a leading authority in the areas of success and the power of personal development. He is also recognized as the preeminent expert on Network Marketing history along with the core values and concepts that the profession was founded upon. Using his encyclopedic knowledge of his craft and his profession, he has researched and field-tested his methods through three decades of hands-on experience. The information he shares is loaded with powerful, proven ideas and time-tested strategies that people can immediately apply to get better results in every area of their lives. Through his books, videos, audios, newsletters, and all forms of social media, he continually reaches people around the world on the concepts of mindset, attitude, goal setting, leadership and many other subjects of personal and professional development. He heads his own thriving corporation, Ron Henley International, and has proven himself to be a true and unique success resource for people all over the world. This whole journey began when, 37 years ago, he met an incredible mentor named Jim Rohn who shared a success philosophy that changed his life. That chance meeting started Ron on a path of personal development, success and achievement that has led to an exceptional, fulfilling life. He now invests his resources paying that incredible gift forward. For the latest updates and developments, find Ron on Facebook at